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Food History Exhibits

Guide for students in the CIA's Food History class working on creating an exhibit for the Tober Exhibit Room.

Dutch Foodways in the Old and New World

Dutch Foodways in the Old and New World
December 3, 2015 - February 4, 2016

Food History class (Fall 2015)
Dr. Beth Forrest

Foodways is the term used to describe all the practices related to the production and consumption of food in a culture, region or historical period.  This exhibit introduces the visitor to Dutch foodways in both the Old and New World.  Historical developments of colonialism, religion and technology from the 17th–19th centuries impacted Dutch foodways in ways in which food and culture intersected with large, theoretical issues that included economics, slavery, morality, and health. History changed both what and how people ate.

The images and material culture on display explore everyday life in the New Netherlands in the 17th century. Furthermore, they highlight iconic Dutch commodities, including spices, cheese, beer, gin, and chocolate.

This is the CIA’s inaugural student-organized exhibit. It was curated by LeeAnn Corrao, Applied Food Studies major, and Dr. Beth Forrest’s Food History class.

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