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Food History Exhibits

Guide for students in the CIA's Food History class working on creating an exhibit for the Tober Exhibit Room.

Food on the Move: Travel and Transportation

Food on the Move: Travel and Transportation
July 26 - December 9, 2016

Food History class (Summer 2016)
Dr. Beth Forrest

The relationship between food and transportation is closely intertwined. With technological advances in ships, trains, automobiles, and planes, we see shifts in food access, culinary traditions, and attitudes toward eating while traveling.  From ancient trade along the Mediterranean on ships, to the refrigerated trucking industry across America, from the rise of luxury dining cars on trains, to exclusive meals on supersonic jets, the movement of food — and people who needed to eat while in transit — incorporate and reflect larger historical developments.  By looking at “food on the move,” we may also consider ideas regarding economics and politics, globalization and power, and aesthetics and taste.


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