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Food History Exhibits

Guide for students in the CIA's Food History class working on creating an exhibit for the Tober Exhibit Room.

Primary Sources

Primary Sources for Exhibit

Three (3) Artifacts - Use from CIA Archives - schedule meeting with Nicole

Three (3) Images - photographs, artworks, etc.

Three (3) Primary Sources - Menus, pamphlets, documents, first-hand accounts, cookbooks, recipes, etc.


As you find things, keep track of the links and the sources.  You will need to cite these in the exhibit.

Use the links below for both primary sources and images.


Menus, Artifacts, Pamphlets, Rare Books (from CIA collections)

Schedule an appointment to meet with Nicole (  Bring your narrative and ideas for the types of materials you would like to see in your exhibit space.  We will explore and discuss the materials in the Archives that pertain to your topic.

When thinking about artifacts....

  • Write down ideas for artifacts while you are doing your research.
  • Consider the space of the display cabinets and what would fit.
  • Are there people on campus who might have something close to your idea that they might let you borrow?  Consider the vast culinary resources here at the CIA. (Please do not go to other institutions asking to borrow things—consult with Dr. Forrest.)
  • Think creatively. Out-of-the-box ideas are encouraged!
  • You are encouraged to brainstorm ideas with your classmates and Nicole and Dr. Forrest!


Search CIA's digitized menus

Make Appointment with Nicole


Digital Collections

We may print relevant images to use onsite in the exhibit.  Please find your images from reputable sources. These links lead to a wealth of information.  Please bring your questions about images to your meeting with Nicole to ask questions about finding images for the exhibit.

Please keep track of the source of the image, which must be identifiable. You will need to send Nicole the link and source (see Printing Images section).

Museum and Archives Collections (national)

Museum and Archives Collections (international)


Other Online Sources for Primary Sources

Use these links to find digitized primary sources for your research. You will find many digitized books that were pulished before 1923 because they are in the public domain. You find less and less as they get more recent because there are copyright restrictions to putting content online. For 20th century books, be sure to also use the library's collections by searching Omnivore.

For help finding other primary sources (documents, books, etc.), refer to Raven's primary source guide or make an appointment to meet with Raven.

When you meet with Nicole, you can look at rare books and historical recipe pamphlets in addition to menus and artifacts.

Cookbooks, etc.

Recipe/Advertising pamphlets



Printing Images

1. Send Nicole the image citation with URL to have image printed ( OR use this form)

2. See label instructions for making labels for images - you MUST include the source of the image (museum, website, etc.) on your label.

3. When sending the citation to Nicole, indicate which size you would like each image printed as

  • 8 ½ x 11 (letter size)
  • 8 ½ x 14 (legal size)
  • 11 x 17 (this is a good size for taping on mirror in background)
  • If smaller than 8 ½ x 11, insert into a Word document and manually size it (resize for the corners - do not stretch image!)

4. Check resolution of image. Desired size for quality printing is 1000 ppi on the longest side of the image. If image is only 500 ppi, then you will need to print it smaller than 8 ½ x 11.  For 11 x 17 prints, images should be larger than 1,000 ppi. Ask Nicole if you are not sure.

5. If your images are not sent to Nicole by the deadline, you are responsible for printing your images at your own expense. If they are of poor quality, you will not be allowed to display them.


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