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Food History Exhibits

Guide for students in the CIA's Food History class working on creating an exhibit for the Tober Exhibit Room.

H2O Water2Food

H2O ~ Water2Food
April 11 - June 15, 2016

Food History (Spring 2016)
Dr. Beth Forrest

Ecology of Food (Spring 2016)
Dr. Deirdre Murphy

H2O ~ Water2Food is an exploration into hydrohistory. Like water itself, the exhibit merges fluidly the local histories and ecology of the Hudson River into a larger consideration of the presence of water in how we eat and drink in North America. From the role of water in ancient civilizations to its seemingly banal place in the household, and from the Hudson River source at Lake Tear of the Clouds to its meeting with the Atlantic ocean, water is ever-present and always changing. In all its forms, uses, and locations, water is the basis of our ability to nourish ourselves with food.

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