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Food History Exhibits

Guide for students in the CIA's Food History class working on creating an exhibit for the Tober Exhibit Room.

Cooking Up a Nation: [Im]migration and American Foodways

Cooking Up a Nation: [Im]migration and American Foodways
July 25 - December 13, 2017

Food History class (Summer 2017)
Dr. Beth Forrest

Scholars have characterized The United States as a “melting pot,” “salad bowl,” and “kaleidoscope.” In all of these descriptions, food and foodways become part of the narrative. With the exception of Native Americans, all Americans left their home or descended from people who migrated here. Yet, the reasons why they came to America differed considerably. Some arrived by choice (immigrants), some by force (enslaved peoples), some because their very survival depended on it (refugees), and others didn’t move at all (but the nation’s border did, with westward expansion). Settlement patterns, reception when arriving in America, and maintenance of heritage impacted their food practices; this influence was not one-way, but also impacted the nation. This is the story of many people who helped shape what and how we eat in America.

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