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AFS Faculty - Beth Forrest: Profile


PhD, Early Modern European History                                Boston University

Dissertation: Hungry and Thirsty: The Role of Food and the Senses in Spanish Identity 1750 – 1850


MA, Medieval History                                                           Boston University

Thesis: Apocalyptic Rhetoric in the Early Modern Witch-hunts


Forthcoming Book Review of Feeding Barcelona, 1714 - 1975: Public Market Halls, Social Networks, and Consumer Culture by Montserrat Miller, Food, Culture & Society.


“Coffee houses” and “Canned Food” in Encyclopedia of Food Issues, Ken Albala, Ed. (Sage, Fall 2013).


“Ghirardelli,” “Guittard,” and “Truffles” in Oxford Companion to Sweets, Darra Goldstein, Ed. (Oxford University Press, 2015).


 “Food and the Senses” Co-author with Deidre Murphy, in International Handbook for Food Studies, Ken Albala, Ed. (Routledge Fall, 2012).


 “ASFS Abstracts” Co-editor with Ilona Baughman, Appetite (Vol 56/2, April 2011).


Food and Foodways Special Issue on Chocolate, Guest Editor, (Vol. 14, Issue 1&2, Jan. 2007).


“Is Sipping Sin Breaking Fast? The Catholic Chocolate Controversy and the Changing World of Early Modern Spain,” Co-author with April Najjaj, Food and Foodways (Vol. 14, Issues 1&2. Jan, 2007).


 “ASFS Abstracts,” Editor, Appetite (Vol. 47, Issue 3; Fall, 2006).


Book Review, The Art of Cooking: the First Modern Cookery Book [Luigi Ballerini, Ed., Berkeley: UC Press, 2005] in Food, Culture and Society: an International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, (Vol 9: Number 2: Summer, 2006).


“Francisco Martinez Montiño,” Culinary Biographies, (Yes Press, 2006).


Book Review, The Cultural Politics of Food and Eating [James Watson, Ed., Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2005] Gastronomica, (Fall, 2006).


“Food Preservation,” Encyclopedia of Medieval Science and Technology (Rutledge, 2005).


Book Review, La France Gourmand [Marolyn Charpentier, London: Pavillion Limited, 2003] Gastronomica (Fall, 2004 Vol. 4, No. 4).


Book Review, Food in Early Modern Europe [Kenneth Albala, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2003] History: Review of New Books (August 2003).


“’Tis the Seasoning,” Improper Bostonian (June 2003).


“Roast Beef vs. Gazpacho: Richard Ford, Spain and Imperialistic Gastronomy,” Radcliffe Culinary Times (Vol. XIII, No. 1, Spring, 2003).


“Medieval Cities” and “Outdoor Markets.” Encyclopedia of Community, (Sage: 2003).


“A Local Cook’s Tour,” Improper Bostonian (June 2002).


“Boston Flavors of Summer,” Improper Bostonian (June 2001).


“Witch-hunts,” Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment (Sage, 2002).


“Hot & Saucy,” Improper Bostonian (June 2000).


“Owls and Roosters,” Catholic Digest (December 1999).


“Apocalyptic Boston,” Improper Bostonian (December 1999).

Papers & Lectures Presented

“I Sensed this Tasted Like Hell: Food and the Senses in the Nineteenth Century” ASFS Annual Conference, Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA June 24 – 27, 2015


 “History, Cuisine, and National Leftovers in Spain” Museum of Fine Arts, Boston December 3, 2014.


“Building a Past to Create a Future: Washington Irving, Tales of the Alhambra, and a Romantic Republican Vision” Crossroads International Cross-Cultural Conference, Tampere University, Tampere, Finland, July 1 - 4, 2014.


“Enriching More than Dough: Bringing Food Studies to Culinary School” Roundtable Discussant, ASFS Annual Conference, UVM, Burlington, VT, June 19 - 21, 2014.


“Corps de Réserve: History, Cuisine and National Leftovers in 19th-Century Spain” Crossroads International Cross-Cultural Conference, Sorbonne Nouvelle, UNESCO, Paris, France, July 2 - 6, 2012.


“’To Change this Sauce would be Little Short of Heresy’: Spain and the Culinary Legacy of Convivencia” ASFS Annual Conference, NYU, NY, NY, June 21 - 24, 2012.


 “’Heroic, Fruitful, but with Such a Legacy’: Spanish History and Cuisine as Tools of Nationalism” ASFS Annual Conference, University of Montana, Missoula, June 9 - 12, 2011.


“Tierra Sin Pan: Spain and the Legacy of Poverty in Spain” ASFS Annual Conference, Indiana University, June 2 - 5, 2010.


“Variation Under Domestication: Spanish Cuisine and National Character” Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain), September 10, 2009.


“Coffee, Tea & Chocolate: Sacred Beverages and Sacred Spaces” Presidential Scholars Lecture, Boston University, November 10, 2008.


“The Spanish Empire: Doomed from the Start?” Evergreen Lecture, Boston University, July 14, 2008.


“Something Out of Nothing: Spain and Nineteenth-Century Gastronomy” ASFS Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, June 5 - 7, 2008.


“The Woman is Like a Melon: Food and Etiquette in 16th Century Spain” at Food Representation in Literature, Film, and the Other Arts, San Antonio, TX. Sponsored by the Division of Foreign Languages, UTSA, February 19 - 21, 2008.


“Montezuma’s Revenge: Chocolate and Identity in Early Modern Spain” ASFS Annual Conference, Victoria, BC, May 31 - June 2, 2007.


“The Catholic Chocolate Controversy” Lecture, The Culinary Historians of Boston, Chestnut Hill, MA May 18, 2006.


“Food in Medieval Spain: The Arab Influence” Lecturer, Summer Teachers’ Institute, Primary Source, Boston, MA July 29, 2005.


“The Patria and the Panza: Visualizing Languid Spain” at ASFS Annual Conference, Portland, OR June 7 - 10, 2005.


“Is Sipping Sin Breaking Fast?: The Catholic Chocolate Controversy” at the Symposium “Chocolate Culture” Boston University, October 23, 2004.


“A Soup-pot of Stones: The Quixotic Paradox of Spanish Nationalism and Cuisine” at ASFS Annual Conference, Hyde Park, NY June 10 - 13, 2004.



“Brillat-Savarin as Stock: The Influence of Physiology of Taste on English Food Writers” at Brillat-Savarin Revisited: An Exploration of 19th Century French Gastronomic Culture, Boston, MA.


“Roast Beef vs. Gazpacho: Richard Ford, Spain and Gastronomic Imperialism” at Nineteenth Century Studies Conference, Feasts and Famine, New Orleans, March 2003.


“Travelers Consuming Culture: Richard Ford and Nineteenth-Century Spain” at Food Representation in Literature, Film, and the Other Arts, San Antonio, TX. Sponsored by the Division of Foreign Languages, UTSA, February 14 - 16, 2002.


“A Handbook or Tall Tales?: Accounts from the Alhambra” at The Uses of History, Grand Rapids, MI. Sponsored by Grand Valley State University, October 5 - 6, 2000.


“Washington Irving and the Tales of the Alhambra” at Dreams and Visions in American History, New Harmony, IN. Sponsored by Southern Indiana Historical Society, March 3 - 4, 2000.


“Against Modernity: Medievalism as Millennial as shown through Washington Irving’s Tales of the Alhambra” at the symposium The Specter of the Millennium, Boston College, Boston, MA March 25, 1999.

Contact Information


Office: Roth W306


AFS Courses Taught

Introduction to Gastronomy

History and Culture: Europe

Food History

Global Cuisines & Cultures Trips

Research Interests

Food, Culture, and Identity


Early Modern Europe

Food and the Senses

Food, Representation and Travelogues

The Culinary Institute of America | Conrad N. Hilton Library | 1946 Campus Drive | Hyde Park, NY 12538-1430
Telephone: 845-451-1747 | Email: