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Omnivore OneSearch Help Guide: Advanced Searching


Advanced Search Methods in Omnivore OneSearch

~ Using the Advanced Search Screen Options

~ How to Select & Search Databases

~ How to Modify Search Results using Filters

~ Video Tutorials

Go to the Omnivore Advanced Search



Advanced Search Options

The Advanced Search Screen

Search now

  • Use the search boxes and drop down menus:
    • Add Row to use more boxes and mix & match search fields
    • Use Boolean Operators AND, OR, NOT to combine terms
    • search for an Author or Title
    • Other search options include:
      • Abstract
      • Journal Source name
      • Language
      • Subject
      • search tip Phrase searches exact words together as a phrase
  • Limit your search
    • Peer-reviewed (scholarly, academic, refereed journals)
    • Format includes: book, article, DVD and much more
    • Year of publication or range of dates (e.g. 2005-2010)
    • Location - limit to CIA Library or expand to Libraries Worldwide

More Database Search Help

Selecting Databases

Omnivore automatically searches all available CIA Library Databases by default.

Choose one or more Databases: You can limit the search to certain individual databases, a predefined group of databases, or select from the list to search specific databases together. Search tip not all databases are available to select; more databases are being searched by Omnivore than appear on the list.

On the Advanced Search Screen you can select databases:

  • Search tip After any changes, click "Save Changes" before you search
  • To add or remove a database from the list, click on the checkbox
  • To add or remove an entire group, click "Select All in Group"
  • To clear selections and return to the default (Omnivore QuickSearch) click Reset
  • Search tip To remove databases from the list in order to select a database or group, go to the Omnivore QuickSearch and click "Select All in Group" this erases all checkmarks.
  • Groups include:
    • Quick Search - broad-coverage, interdisciplinary, general and academic databases
    • News & Newspapers
    • Business
    • Humanities & Social Sciences

Search tip you may still want to select and search an individual subject database separately from Omnivore. View all databases by subject.


Using Filters

Use Filters to Modify Search Results

  • Libraries Worldwide - expand your search to include items from other libraries beyond the CIA; discover books and articles you can request via Interlibrary Loan
  • Full Text - limit results to articles and ebooks with full text attached
  • Peer Reviewed - limit results to scholarly articles from academic journals that use peer review, learn more about scholarly journals
  • Format - show results by type of item: book, article, DVD, etc.
  • Databases - Select to view results from one database
  • Year - select the publication date range for the results
  • Topics - general subject categories based on academic discipline; view the item record description to see specific subject terms

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