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Library & Research Overview: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A guide to using the CIA Library and conducting academic research.

Can I Use AI?

ALWAYS check with your instructor if it is acceptable to use Artificial Intelligence tools in the course. 

Using AI

AI tools can be useful in both academic and professional applications.

  • "PreSearch" ~ AI as an Information Source 
    • Get some basic background information:
      • concepts & definitions
      • terminology & keywords
    • Similar to doing a general web search or using Wikipedia.
    • Use before you research in the library and other academically appropriate resources.
  • Writing assistance
    • Writer's block
    • Grammar and punctuation
    • Proofreading
    • Generating citations
    • Plagiarism checking
  • Learning & Study Tool
    • Explain concepts
    • Provide examples of a topic
    • Brainstorm & generate ideas
    • Summarize research & information
    • Create flashcards & practice questions
  • Technical applications
    • Calculations
    • Data analysis
    • Transcription or speech to text
    • Language translation
    • Create templates
  • Business & Industry
    • eCommerce
    • Customer Service
    • Supply ChainInventory Management
    • Market Analysis & Revenue Forecasting
    • Task Automation

Using AI Responsibly

AI can be a powerful tool if used ethically and appropriately.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Academic Integrity
    • Fairness & Transparency ~ Ethical use of any source or tool means having the right to use it and disclose that you have used it. 
    • ​Plagiarism ~ Using work that is not your own without acknowledgment and with the intent to present it as your own, is a form of Academic Dishonesty.  
    • These are violations of academic standards according to the CIA Policy on Academic Honesty:
      • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Using AI as a source or to assist in the completion of any course work without the consent of faculty.
      • Plagiarism: Copying from any source without giving credit; using original ideas, recipes, or research without giving credit; or working from another source without giving credit.
  • Appropriate use of Artificial Intelligence
    • In most cases, you will not use the content from an AI tool in your final assignment, paper, or project.
      • You will use the AI tools to help prepare or develop your own original work.
    • Think critically and explain how you have used it in your work.
    • Fact Check ~ Information from AI may be wrong and you will need to confirm its accuracy in other sources.
      • AI usually does not cite sources, so you cannot evaluate the reliability of the resources used to get the information.
    • Beware of Bias ~ AI draws from a wide range of human-created content and may reproduce stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.
  • Citing AI Tools
  • Ask Questions

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