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Archives and Special Collections

Information about The Culinary Institute of America's Archives and Special Collections housed in the Conrad N. Hilton Library, Hyde Park, New York.

Note about the guides

The two guides on this page are intended to give you an idea of what is contained in the CIA Archives related to the history of The Culinary Institute of America. Neither guide is complete. If you have a specific request, please contact Nicole Semenchuk.

Unpublished materials

The following is a guide to selected unpublished materials in the CIA Archives related to the college's history. For special collections, click on the "Special Collections" tab above.

Architecture materials
Includes selected plans, drawings, maps, and reports related to the Hyde Park campus and other prospective campuses.

Certificates, Plaques and Awards
Over the years the CIA has been recognized for its achievements in the food service industry. Many of the certificates and plaques are in the archives.

Education materials
The archives contains many materials related to the curriculum and education programs of the college, including syllabi, early instructional texts, and course materials. Much of this material was donated by faculty, staff and alumni.

Event materials
Includes information about CIA events and programs.

Institutional records
The CIA Archives does not currently have a formal records management program. However, over the years selected papers related to various departments have been added to the archives and arranged in a formal classification scheme. Records relate, broadly, to Board of Trustees, President’s Office, Administration, Operations, Planning, Admissions, Student Services, Institutional Research, Food and Beverage Operations, Education, Finance, Advancement, Marketing, and Special Events.

Miscellaneous papers related to the CIA’s history that came from various sources over the years.

Published materials

The following is a guide to materials in the CIA Archives published by or about the college. It reflects the scope of the materials contained in the archives, not the publication of such materials.

Directories, newsletters, publications published for the alumni of the college, including:
Directories (intermittent years, 1969-1996)
Alumni Association Newsletters (1967-1986)
New Campus Reporter (1971-1976) - this publication is digitized and searchable online
The Campus Reporter (1976-1980) - this publication is digitized and searchable online
mise en place (1987- )

Annual Reports, 1976-2008

Article files, 1946-
The CIA Archives maintains a collection of newspaper and magazine articles about the CIA and its history, particularly strong in New Haven and early days at Hyde Park; also include articles about staff, faculty and friends of the college, including Frances Roth and Katharine Angell.

Brochures and Viewbooks
assorted, 1979-

Catalogs and Handbooks
Academic Catalogs, 1946-
Student Handbooks, 1959-
Personnel Handbooks, 1971-1998  

Continuing Education/Professional Development
assorted brochures and catalogs, 1950-

Graduation Programs
Selected graduation programs from 1947- .

Menus related to CIA restaurants and events are in the archives and the menu collection. Selections are digitized and viewable online.  The first CIA restaurant, The Epicurean Room (later renamed The Escoffier Room), opened in Hyde Park, N.Y. in 1973.

St. Andrew-on-Hudson materials
In 1972, the CIA moved from New Haven, CT to a Hyde Park, N.Y. property, St. Andrew-on-Hudson, formerly a Jesuit novitiate. The archives has collected photocopies of information related to the rich history of the Hyde Park campus.

Student Newspapers, 1946-
copies of the student newspapers from the earliest at New Haven to the current, La Papillote.
Culinary Crumbs (Jun. 1946)
The Chef’s Cap (Jan. 1955)
Newsweek (Nov. 1961 to Mar. 1962)
Cordon Bleu (Dec. 1961)
Culinary Chronicler (1963)
Executive Chef for 1966
Golden Shallot (1967)
La Toque Blanche (1967-1973)
Veracity (n.d)
The Epicurian (sic) (1973)
La Toque Blanche (1974)
The Stockpot Review (1974-1975)
Le Pot au Feu (1975)
Hors d’Oeuvre (1975-1976)
Relayer (1976)
Untitled (n.d.) (Cover reads: “Wanted: name for your newspaper. Submit your suggestion. The Gooseliver Press, The Hindquarter, The Rap Sheet, The Epicure, The Chopping Board.”)
Toque Blanche (1976-1978) - this publication is digitized and searchable online
The Last Interim (ca. 1979)
La Papillote (1980- )

Taste (1972-1993) - early years published for fellows, later published by Communications Department for alumni; this publication is digitized and searchable online
Taste Newsletter (1996-2003) published by the Marketing Department for Members of the Corporation
Taste (2006, 2008- ) “A Magazine for Food Enthusiasts”

Yearbooks, 1959-1978
Classbooks, 1994-2012

Other published materials by or about the college are contained in the archives and special collections, including books published by the CIA, early instruction manuals, materials about St. Andrew’s-on-Hudson, and published histories of the college.

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