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Information and resources for the Bachelor's Degree Program in Applied Food Studies.

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On-line resource providing a growing data base of bibliographic materials for researchers in the field of food history and, more generally, food studies.from the European Institute for Food Culture and  History, â€‹citations only

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What is a Scholarly Journal? Peer Review?

A scholarly journal publishes authoritative research articles by academics or experts in a discipline.
The articles often undergo peer-review, that is they are evaluated by other experts before publication.

For more on the different types of periodicals see this chart:

Scholarly Journals  v. Popular Magazines v. Trade Journals


Finding a Peer-Reviewed Research Article

1. Select Peer-Reviewed or Scholarly when you search

Omnivore ArticleSearch, and most databases, have a button to check when you search or limit/filter your search results.
Omnivore Articles screenshots 

Advanced Search page  Search Results page

Omnivore peer reviewed screenshot

2. Confirm that it is a Research Article

Limiting your search results to articles published in peer reviewed scholarly journals is the first step. 
Scholarly Journals include other types of documents, such as essays, literature reviews, book reviews, commentary, letters to the editor, announcements, etc. So...

How do I know if it is a research article? 

A research article reports the original work of a scholar and will present evidence and conclusions.

Read the Abstract (summary of the article) or Introduction (first paragraph)  to identify the type of article and the topics covered. 

A research article must have:

  • a named Author
  • a Bibliography or References
  • PDF format available
  • more than a few pages

Getting Articles from Other Libraries thru Interlibrary Loan

If the article you need is not available in full-text from the CIA Library, you can request it via Interlibrary Loan (ILL), a free service for CIA students, faculty and staff. Learn more about ILL.

Use Omnivore ArticleSearch to discover articles; click the button and fill out the form (screenshot)

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