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Moodle Guide

The development of this guide is ongoing; we will continue adding Moodle LMS Tips, Guides, and Instructions. On the left-hand sidebar, you will find a list of Moodle LMS features or options. To learn more about that option or feature, click on the link.

Setting Up a Quiz

  • The quiz activity can be used to create assessment that consist of a variety of question types. Quizzes can also be used for self-assessment tasks with feedback.
  • Quiz questions are stored separately in a question bank. You can create multiple question banks per course, and you can reuse question banks throughout a course.
  • When first creating a quiz you an either start building the quiz in an activity or you can add questions to a question bank and build the quiz from those questions.

Quick Links

Adding Question to a Quiz from a Category or Question Bank


Step 1

Select Quizzes from the Activities and Resources Pop-up window.


Step 2

Give it a name and, if required, a description.

Give your Quiz a  name and description

Step 3

Expand the other sections to select the settings you want. With the default settings, students can repeat the quiz, moving freely between questions, each on a different page. There is no time limit and scores and feedback display once they have completed the quiz.

Step 4

Set review options.

Under Review Options, you can configure how students can review their quiz performance. Students can receive feedback during the attempt, immediately after the attempt, later while the quiz is still open, and after the quiz is closed.

Select your Review Options for your quiz.

Step 5

Click either Save and return to course or Save and Display.

Click save and return to course or save and display.

Step 6

Click the Add question button.

Click question button

Step 7

Choose either to directly add a new question, add a question from question bank, or to add a random question from a question bank.

Choose either add a question, add a question from a question bank, or add a random question.

Click Add and then click '+ a new question' (If you already made questions in the question bank, then click '+ from question bank' or if you wish to add a question randomly picked from a category of questions, click '+ a random question'.

Adding Question to a Quiz from a Category or Question Bank

Step 1

From the Quiz Questions page, select + from question bank or + a random question.

select either + from a question bank or + a random question.


+ From a question bank

Choose the question bank from dropdown and then choose each qeustion before hitting Add selected question to the quiz


+ Random Question

add a set of random question from a question bank.

To Learn more about quizzes, please check out our YouTube playlist.


More Information on Quiz Best Practices

Testing times depend on multiple factors. There is not really one universal average time for each question type. However, general guidelines are:

  • Multiple-choice, true or false (1 – 2 minutes)
  • Short answers (2 – 5 minutes). 
  • Essay-type questions (5 – 15 minutes).

When deciding on the number of questions, first review the learning objectives and the cognitive levels. Include the appropriate number of questions that you feel will assess student performance on those objectives. Once the first iteration of the quiz is complete, you can use a test blueprint to organize and analyze each question.

If possible, try to include at least 1 open-ended essay question in a test. 

The following table organizes each question type, cognitive level, and notes.

Question Type, Cognitive Level, and Notes

Question Type 

Cognitive Levels, etc.



  • Assessing for misconceptions. 
  • Assessing learning gained.  

Question text should focus on one problem. Do not include superfluous information.


Deliberately choose alternatives to your questions. 


True or False

  • Assessing misconceptions. 
  • Assessing recall

Avoid negative or double-negative wording.  


Matching Questions

  • Assessing recognition
  • Assessing recall. 

Requires a longer time for the student to complete the answer.  


Short Answer

  • Assessing higher-order thinking.
  • Assessing recall

It is uncomplicated to create and can test a student's understanding.  



  • Assessing critical thinking
  • Assessing reasoning
  • Assessing understanding

Essay questions can help you understand a student’s thought process. 


Alignment: Your Assessment Items need to be connected to your Course Objectives.  



Notes on Test-Blueprinting

A test blueprint is a way to organize your quiz questions to analyze how well your students perform in each content domain, cognitive level, or objective. Some of the columns you will find in a test blueprint include:

  • Objective number
  • Cognition level
  • Content domain
  • Question type
  • Points possible for the question
  • Percentage question contributes to the overall objective.

When students have completed a quiz, you can include a column that displays the class average for the question.

Notes on Question Bank

The Facility Index and the Discriminative efficiency can be used to judge the question's value in measuring learning.

The Facility Index is the average mark students obtain for a question. The higher the average, the easier the question.

Discriminative efficiency: a statistical measure of how well the item distinguishes between students of different ability levels (30% - 50% is considered fair, while over 50% is very good.)

Importing and Exporting question banks

To share questions with instructors or to transfer questions from one course to another it might be better to export them as Moodle XML and then import that file into your course. 

If you would like to enroll in our demo course regarding quizzes, please read the information below.

Directions for Self-Enrollment In Demo Courses

Click on the link of the course you want to self-enroll.

FACDEV105--Moodle Books Demonstrations & Training 

FACDEV106--H5P Demonstrations & Training 

FACDEV107--Moodle Quiz Demonstrations & Training

  1. You will see something like this.
  2. Scroll to the bottom
  3. Click “Enroll me” under the Self Enrollment (Teacher).

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