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Moodle Guide

The development of this guide is ongoing; we will continue adding Moodle LMS Tips, Guides, and Instructions. On the left-hand sidebar, you will find a list of Moodle LMS features or options. To learn more about that option or feature, click on the link.

Setting Up a Moodle Lesson

Step 1


Select Lesson from the Activities and Resources pop-up window.


Step 2


Give the Lesson a Name and Description.


Step 3


You can attach a linked file with the lesson that students can download. If you are going to grade the lesson, then you want to display the ongoing score. Set the Maximum or answers or branches for your lesson pages. After the student completes the lesson, they will be provided with a link to the specified activity.


Step 4


If this is enabled students will be able to navigate through the lesson multiple times. There are 3 options for this: (a) Normal – follows the lesson path. (b) Shown an unseen page – all unseen pages are shown randomly. (c) Show unseen question – all unseen questions are shown randomly.


Step 5


Practice lessons will not appear in the grade book. If you choose custom scoring, you will need to give each answer a value. Set the minimum number of questions that will be used to calculate the grade. Set the minimum number of questions that will be used to calculate the grade.


Step 6Click Save and Display to begin bulding the lesson

Step 7

You will start building this lesson by importing questions adding a cluster, a content page, or a question page.

Adding Content and Questions to your Lesson

Import Questions

You can import questions into your Lesson (similar to importing questions in a question bank.)


A cluster is a group of questions that are given to students as they work through the lesson.

Content Page

If you need to provide information to the learner, but don’t want them to answer a specific question. The student will be able to view the page title, some information, and then one or more buttons to select. When the student clicks on the button they go to the next page, but their choice is not scored.

Page Title

The title of the content page will appear to the student at the top of the page. When you are editing the lesson, you will see it from the drop-down jump list. The title in the content page is also used with the “display left menu” settings.

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