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Moodle Guide

The development of this guide is ongoing; we will continue adding Moodle LMS Tips, Guides, and Instructions. On the left-hand sidebar, you will find a list of Moodle LMS features or options. To learn more about that option or feature, click on the link.

Here at the Culinary Institute of America Moodle is our LMS, and there are two separate environments for faculty. There is the Moodle Sandbox and the Moodle Live Environment. While students do not have access to Moodle Sandbox, they do have access to the Moodle Live Environment. Students can select to receive updates to course changes to their classes on the Moodle Live Environment. Therefore, it is recommended that the initial course development begins on Sandbox.

Moodle Sandbox

The Moodle Sandbox is is located at To request a new shell be created on Moodle Sandbox, click You can start building your course on Moodle Sandbox prior to the semester you will be teaching, and when you are ready you can backup your shell on Sandbox and then restore it on the Live Environment.

Moodle Production

The Moodle Production Environment is used to display course content, grade student work, and facilitate student learning. While it is possible to edit your course in the live environment, students will receive emails for all the course updates you create.

The Moodle Production Environment is a different URL than the Moodle Sandbox. The URL for the Moodle Production environment is You can also find the Moodle Production environment through the Moodle Rooms link on the Faculty ToolKit CIA Portal Page.

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