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Moodle Guide

The development of this guide is ongoing; we will continue adding Moodle LMS Tips, Guides, and Instructions. On the left-hand sidebar, you will find a list of Moodle LMS features or options. To learn more about that option or feature, click on the link.

Sharing an activity or assignment with a colleague

It is possible to create a backup copy of an individual item in Moodle. This can be useful if you quickly want to share an activity or resource with a colleague.

Step 1

Click on the item that you would like to backup.

Step 2

Click on More > Backup.

Step 3

You can click Jump to final step to complete the backup.

Step 4

Click Continue.

Step 5

Click Continue.

Step 6

Once you download the backup file you can share it through email, One-Drive, or by any other means. The maximum allowable size of an outlook attachment is 20MB. 

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