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Moodle Guide

The development of this guide is ongoing; we will continue adding Moodle LMS Tips, Guides, and Instructions. On the left-hand sidebar, you will find a list of Moodle LMS features or options. To learn more about that option or feature, click on the link.

Moodle FAQ


Assignments and Activities Backing up, restoring, and importing FAQ Discussion Forums
Grading FAQ Quizzes Rubrics and Marking Guide
Student Point-of-View    


Backing Up, Restoring, and Importing FAQ

How do I copy a course from last semester into my shell during the current semester?

View importing a course

How do I transfer a specific item from a Moodle shell to another?

Importing specific content from one course to another

Discussion Forums

I am unable to add a due date or use TurnitIn with my forum?

Currently, there are two types of Forums in Moodle. The Open Forum and Forum. The Forum will give you more functionality, and you will have the ability to assign due dates to discussions and use Turnitin.

Rubrics and Marking Guide FAQ

Can there be a range of scores built into a rubric or is it always all the point or nothing?

For each criterion in your rubric, you will determine how many performances levels there are, and then you will set the value of each level. This value must be set as a number and cannot be a range.

How will students access the rubric and view it?

Make sure “Allow Users to preview rubric” is checked and when the student selects an assignment with a rubric attached, they will see the rubric as part of the information.

Student view of assignment with the rubric attached

Student view or Marking Guide

Student view of Marking Guide

Grading FAQ

A student has withdrawn from my course, but I still see them in my grading roster, can I remove them?

No, you do not have the ability to remove or hide students from view. If you have a withdrawn student on your roster, please email the registrar.

Do my students receive grade notifications?

No, student do not automatically receive notifications. This can be changed under a students Notification Preferences.

I have graded assignment or graded items in which students have not submitted assignments. I would like for the zero to be included in their final grade without having to manually add a zero.

In every grade book category, you will see a setting titled "Exclude empty grades" If you deselect this option, then student will receive a zero for every assignment they have failed to submit by the due date.

check "exclude empty grades"



Student Point-of-View

How does the student assignment calendar look? Or, I am not sure how my assignments appear on their calendar.

The Assignment due date is visible on the student's Portal Page under My Assignments.

To have the assignment show up on their student calendar the Expected Completed Date needs to be filled out under the Activity Completion settings.

What does the Students Portal Page look like?

View of the students portal page

How can I help students when they ask questions about looking for things on their portal page?

If a student has a question regarding accessing their portal or Moodle course please refer them to the Student Help Desk. If it is the students first semester they can refer to the Student Online Orientation.

How do students view their grades on Moodle LMS?

Students can view a comprehensive breakdown of their grades by clicking on the Grades link in the Moodle Course Menu. See the example of a students course grade page below.

Student view of Grades

Assignments and Activities

Can I adjust the Maximum Course Upload for students?

No, we are unable to adjust this, and 20GB is more then enough space for anytime of media that a student might need.

How can I use TurnItIn with Forums?

TurnItIn can be used with Forums in Moodle. In the Forum Settings you will find a TurnItIn section.

Is it possible for students to anonymously record post and and replies in a Forum?

No, this is not possible. However, you might be interested in the Feedback Tool.

Turinitin section in Forum Settings


Why can't my students preview their quizzes after taking them?

Please check Quiz Settings>Review Options.

Quiz Review Options

How do I transfer Quizzes from one class to another?

You can import content from one course to another ( see: Importing Specific Moodle Content)


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