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Moodle Guide

The development of this guide is ongoing; we will continue adding Moodle LMS Tips, Guides, and Instructions. On the left-hand sidebar, you will find a list of Moodle LMS features or options. To learn more about that option or feature, click on the link.

Excluding a Graded Item from a Student

By default, the Moodle Gradebook is set to ignore blank "empty" grades (displayed as a hyphen "-" ). Unless the instructor changes the setting, a blank grade will not be calculated into the Course total for that student.  This is referred to as "excluding" the empty grades.

For example, if three tests have been given, and a student earns 100, 100, and a hyphen (for a test that was not completed), Moodle will give the student an average of 100 instead of 67. It has "excluded" the blank grade. In this scenario, you must add the "0" in place of the hyphen in order to obtain the correct average. 

To set your gradebook to exclude (or include) empty grades in grade calculations:

Step 1

Click Grades

Step 2

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